About Us

We bring our customers the tastes of their childhood with classic retro sweets such as Kola Cubes, Sherbet Fountains, Fruit Salads,, Black Jacks etc.

We supply a vast variety of traditional sweets and our range is constantly growing based on our customers requests.

We also provide a wide range of American sweets and candy as requested by the youth of today among whom they are extremely popular.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our online shop and if you have any requests then please drop us a mail to: sales@DollysMixturesDirect.co.uk we love to hear from our customers.

On our online store we offer 3 sizes of sweets for you. You can buy by the 100g, or order a lovely Victorian jar full or if you are looking to retail yourself or want to stock up then we offer a wholesale weigh jar or bag, these are usually either 2 or 3kg depending on the sweets required.